Rules and regulations

of the 5th International School Theatre Festival
Warsaw 2009

Chapter I: General Provisions

Article l

The 5th International School Theatre Festival in Warsaw is conducted under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Article 2

The Organiser of the Festival is Akademia Teatralna im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza (Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy) and Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre) in Warsaw. Co-Organisers arę: Council of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Theatre Fund of Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage supports the organisation of the Festival.

Article 3

The Rector of the Theatre Academy supervises and is in charge of the preparations for and the progress of the Festival.

Article 4

The Artistic Director of the Festival is responsible for the programme and the organisation of the Festival. The Artistic Director and the Artistic Council co-operating with him/her are appointed by the Rector with the approval of the Senate of the Academy.

Article 5

The 5th International School Theatre Festival (further referred to as the 5th ISTF) shall be held in Warsaw from 15th to 22nd June 2009.

Chapter II : Mission and Objectives of the 5th ISTF

Article 6

The Mission of the 5th ISTF V is:
- to present outstanding artistic achievements of theatre schools worldwide,
- to inspire teachers, students and other theatre circles,
- to promote the Polish theatre schools among the audience,
- to inspire a creative discussion about the tradition of school theatres and about the latest teaching and artistic trends,
- to determine professional standards,
- to seek a common language to describe the theatre phenomenon,
- to promote the development of young teachers and students1 creativity by workshops of outstanding professionals.

Article 7

The Objectives of the 5th ISTF V

- to present the most valuable achievements of theatre teaching worldwide,
- to organise meetings with outstanding artists in order to present the theatre art to the Warsaw audience,
- to organise workshops, conferences and congresses for the Participants of the Festival, the community of the Theatre Academy, the invited guests and the audience.

Article 8

The Festival is a theatre competition. Aņ International Jury composed of eminent representatives of various fields of the theatre art is to select the most interesting theatre and theatre teaching phenomena.

Chapter III: Rešuirements of Participation

Article 9

For the competition šualify theatre plays produced during the last two academic years with a complete theatrical form which have been performecl in public and meet the criteria mentioned in Articles 6 and 7. The Festival is open to the formal variety of the submitted offers.

Article 10

The šualification process rešuires sending a filled in and signed submission form and a DVD or VHS recording of the performance until 15th February 2009.
In particular cases the Organiser reserves itself the right to rešuire a school to enable its representative to see a live performance.

Article 11

For organisational reasons the theatre plays should not be longer than 120 minutes and the teams should not exceed 15 members including up to 3 technicians. Each invited theatre school presents one title two or three times to the audience.

Article 12

The Artistic Director with the approval of the Artistic Council of the Festival decides about accepting theatre plays for the Programme of the Festival. Hę notifies the schools until Ist April 2009 on and by post.

Article 13

The Organisers provide accommodation and author's fees to the Participants. Travelling expenses, the transport costs of decorations, costumes and technical ešuipment, duties, Insurance and other costs shall be covered by the teams. Any formal and financial matters must be settled immediately on arrival.

Article 14

The Organiser shall inform the invited schools about the place of the performance and the schedule of rehearsals and performances until 15th May 2009. The Organiser shall exert all possible efforts to ensure that the place and time of the rehearsals complies with the submission forms sent by the schools.

Article 15

Each team is obliged to obtain a written permission for showing the selected works at the International.^^^^e School Festival in Warsaw from the national copyright agency (or from another authorised institution or agent) .
This permission should be sent to the Organiser until Ist May 2009. The schocls participating in the Festival undertake to settle any financial obligations resulting from copyrights.

Article 16

Each team must submit to the Organiser a written permission for the live or recorded distribution - for Information and advernising purposes - of the parts of the theatre plays performed at the Festival. The Organiser fhould receive this permission until Ist May 2009.

Article 17

Each team is obliged to submit to the Organiser the fire safety and Health and Safety approvals referring to the stage design of the competition plays until Ist May 2009.

Article 18

Each team is obliged to provide a fuli Insurance of all its members participating in the Festival.

Article 19

Each team undertakes to provide the reguired Information and materials in the due times specified in these Rules and iri other documents. The invited schools bear any possible consešuences of a failure to fulfil this obligatioh.

Article 20

Recedvina an invitation from the Organiser is a confirmation of participating in the Festiva.l.

Article 21

Foreign schools participating in the Festival agree that the first performance of their play in the Republic of Polarid shall be the performance at the Festival. Any exception from this rule rešuires a written permission of the Organiser of the ISTF.

Article 22

The submission form is an integral part of these Rules. The submission form and the complete text of these Rules arę available at www.a

Chapter IV: Awards

Article 23

The Jury of the Festival grants awards according to these Rules considering:
- team achievements,
- individual creations,
- phenomena exceeding the new trends of theatre art or theatre teaching.
Individual awards may be granted only to persons whc arę students at the time of the Festival.
The Organiser may agree to financing additicnal awards by individual and corporate sponsors with rhe approval of the Jury of the Fest:ival.

Chapter V: Organisation

Article 24

At the rešuest of the Artistic Director of the Festival the Rector appoints his/her two deputies for organisational and content issues. According to the current needs the Artistic Director may apply for employing workers for particular tasks.

Article 25

The Chancellor of the Theatre Academy together with the Finance Officer of the Theatre Academy is in charge of the financial supervision of the Festival.

Article 26

The Festival Office is in charge of executive tasks.

Article 27

The interpretation of these Rules lies within the competence of the Organiser. In any cases not regulated in these Rules, the decisions shall be madę by the Organiser and the Participants shall be notified about them by direct communication.

Article 28

All Participants of the Festival - the artistic teams, technicians and producers - are obliged to observe these Rules.

Article 29

These Rules were passed on 17th November 2008 and came into effect on the same day.