Festival life


Teatrakcje - the 1st day

Modern Axer – about Erwin Axer - Antoni Winch >>read

The short history of International Theatre Schools Festival - Michał Fijałkowski >>read

YOUNG PEOPLE MEET FOR THE THEATRE – an interview with president of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy - Sabina Zygmanowska >>read

A review of Passages from Różewicz - Szymon Kazimierczak >>read

PHOTOS fro the first day of the festival

Theatre – the meeting...

Theatre – the understanding...

Understanding of how much and how beautifully do we differ.

How diverse we are...

That is to say – to search for what we have in common.

Theatre – the forum...

Of people, thoughts, ideas, views, aesthetics, tradition...

Magnificent, wonderfully non-obliging form of conversation about     the world.

About what is good and what is wrong in it.

Finally – theatre – amusement...

Sometimes carefree, otherwise serious.


Let’s meet then, let’s talk and enjoy ourselves!

And thanking everyone, who has helped us – I encourage and invite you     to do so.

Andrzej Strzelecki
Rector of the Theatre Academy