Nightmares of the Concentration Camp


Direction: Fabio Omodei
Costume Design: Monica Raponi

    Ilaria Andaloro
    Tatjana Callegari
    Ramona Genna
    Chiara Marchetti
    Irene Faccio
    Irene Fiasconaro
    Simone Fraschetti
    Ruggero Lorefice
    Valeria Nardella

The play shows the trial of lieutenant colonel Adolf Eichmann, a nazi war criminal, captured in Argentina in 1960 by three Mossad agents who had survived the extermination camp. Eichmann’s trial testimony collides with fl ashbacks showing the nightmare of the lives of the concentration camp prisoners. Following research, documentation and even a visit to the Auschwitz Camp and listening to the survivors’ evidence, the advanced level students faced yet another challenge of working through deeply emotional and corporal improvisations.

The episode is not to become a chronicle. Its aim is to show a deeply instinctive and irrational detail of pain: NIGHTMARE.

The work investigates into the minds of people imprisoned in a concentration camp, whose lives have been turned into a nightmare, more real than the real world outside. Every day life changes into a monstrous reality, a desperate reality which is, perhaps, worse than death.

Length: 1 hour 5 min