Moulin Noir - Antirevue

based on the songs of Nick Cave, Martyn Jacques and Tom Waits


Polish Translation of the Lyrics: Roman i Aleksander Kołakowscy

Script and Direction: Marcin Przybylski
Music Management: Andrzej Perkman
Set and Costume Design: Monika Onoszko
Choreography: Tomasz Pałasz
Production Managment: Monika Gołębiewska

    Monika Węgiel
    Anna Czartoryska
    Wiktoria Gorodeckaja
    Anna Markowicz
    Olga Omeljaniec
    Natalia Sikora
    Jacek Beler
    Igor Chmielnik
    Robert Kuraś
    Grzegorz Kwiecień
    Wojciech Michalak
    Michał Podsiadło
    Daniel Salman
    Wojan Trocki

The band:
    Andrzej Perkman (piano)
    Robert Bielak (violin)
    Jurek Markuszewski (percussion)
    Michał Przybyła (bass guitar)

Moulin Noir is a story about an illegal, unknown to the wide public club opened only at night, and only for those, who feel the need to confi de their hidden desires, tell about their embarassing deeds or confess their sins. It is a tale about the Black Mill, a rather seedy variety theatre, where on every evening scoundrels of the blackest dye mingle with actors from a travelling circus. The performance is a form of a stage concert, and a story of a place, in which an accidental guest is obliged to perform, although he knows that he probably will never leave the place. The story, recounted in the lyrics of Nick Cave’s, Martyn Jacques’ and Tom Waits’ songs, transforms into a worrying musical thiller. The songs, translated by Aleksander and Roman Kołakowscy, in the interpretation of the young actors create a story of a one frantic night, which becomes a metaphor of life and what, perhaps, is waiting beyond it.

The performance was produced by Contemporary Theatre in Warsaw.

Length: 2 hours 20 min