based on Diaries by Witold Gombrowicz


Direction: Mikołaj Grabowski
Stage and Costume Design: Masha Mazur
Dance Workshop: Carlos and Rosa Forte-Berg

    Bernd-Christian Althoff
    Jan Cerha
    Thomas Feichtinger
    Anka Graczyk
    Anja-Nadine Kiesewalter
    Jenny-Ellen Riemann
    Lukas Spisser
    Markus Subramaniam
    Wojo van Brouwer
    Olga Wäscher

When the Polish author, Witold Gombrowicz went into exile in 1939 he certainly didn’t think that he would be unable to go back to his own country for another 20 years. His fi rst stop was in Buenos Aires, a city that he found strangely fascinating. He was particularly captivated by the Tango and its exciting game of intimacy and distance, as well as its unfulfi lled promise.

Mikolaj Grabowski, art director of the National Theatre in Cracow, has dared to try and bring Gombrowicz’s great passion onto the stage with 11 students from the Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna. He has tried to combine the attempt of humankind to comprehend their relationships and the specifi c language of Tango. There are fi ve scenes using Gombrowicz’s text that allow free associations without actually retelling the diary’s content. Together with the students the Argentinian, Carlos Forte-Berg worked on creating the atmosphere of a Milonga, a Tango studio in which stories develop out of Gombrowicz‘s text.

Length: 1 hour 10 min