The Grasshopper

Anton Chekhov


Direction: Veniamin Filshtinsky
Set design: Vladimir Firer
Choreography: Yury Vasilkov

    Ekaterina Tarasova
    Filipp Dyachkov
    Semyon Serzin
    Ivan Brovin
    Andrey Vergelis
    Antonio Villani
    Vyacheslav Korobitsyn
    Danila Shevchenko
    Gerasim Arkhipov
    Mariya Sinyaeva
    Antonis Shamanidi
    Aleksey Mitin

The Grasshopper by Anton Chekhov is a story of a young woman who, being carried away by the tinsel of bohemian way of living, loses a man who loves her. In the performance of third year students from Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (acting and directing studio of Professor Veniamin Filshtinsky) this story is introduced to spectators by two Chekhovs who present different points of view. Olga Ivanovna played by Ekaterina Tarasova is carefree and airy. Olga lives in carnival of colors and sounds: she wants to try everything. Her husband, Doctor Dymov, played by Fhilipp Dyachkov exists in the monochrome space. He is unhurried and a little bit heavy, he likes to eat, and seems too down to earth, quite unlike friends of Olga – half-mad poets and only partly talented artists. But it turns out that only his life has been full of spiritual quest. However, Olga learns this too late...

Length: 1 hour 40 min