God of vengeance

Shalom Ash


Direction and Adaptation: Gil Wienberg
Costume design: Barak Hudrian
Original music: Sharon & ILdar Brantmann
Lighting design: Jacob Sliv

    Motti Swissa
    Lee Malka
    Gal Ben-Ezra
    Lior Ben-Shusahan
    Avi Cohen
    Sivan Hacochavi
    Yarden Klein
    Inbal Izkovizh
    Lee Koznik
    Amir Rennert
    Daniel Moshes

The play describes the Jewish underworld, inhabited by pimps and prostitutes, in contrast to the 'upper world' of religion, Jewish law and ethics, and its accompanying harsh demands. The main character Yankel, a nouveau-rich, in a small Jewish village in Poland runs a Jewish bawdy-house in his basement. Yankel himself is married to Surrah, the Madame of the house of prostitution. Yankel tries to cleanse himself and achieve salvation and forgiveness through his beloved daughter, Rivkela, over whom he is excessively protective. In pursuit of God's forgiveness, Yankel tries to marry off his daughter to an honorable yeshiva student (talmud scholar) by purchasing a Torah scroll, and by doing so, seeks the blessing of the Rabbi. However, he is unaware that his daughter herself, is not so pure and innocent as she is having a love affair with one of the prostitutes. The passions, sins, dark desires and the complex relationships between the characters, brings the play to its dramatic climax.

Length: 1 hour 20 min