based on The Notebook by Ágota Kristóf


Direction: Péter Forgács
Set and Costume Design: Péter Forgács, Anni Fűzér
Musical and piano setting: Gábor Kemény

    Éva Bata
    Balázs Csémy
    László Józan
    Viktor Klem
    Ádám Kovács
    Petra Kőrösi
    Bálint Majorfalvi
    Andrea Petrik
    Adrienn Réti
    András Rusznák
    Renáta Tar
    Nóra Trokán

The performance Pain is based on the novel The Notebook (Le Grand Cahier) by Agota Kristof. It is a story about Lucas and Klaus, a set of teenager twins evacuated to a village by their mother to avoid the war. The children at that time do not know anything about the world, they are driven by only one will: to survive. They grow up together, learn about human cruelty together, make themselves immune from it by performing daily de-sensititation exercises.

The performance consists of several short scenes put together like mosaics showing us their survival, and their growing up when they had to learn what suffering, hardship, hunger, pain, violence, poverty, lie, murder and death is just as what body, desire, man, woman, love and happiness is. As they grow up and survive, the inseparable twins also have to learn what it means to be lonely.

Length: 1 hour 50 min